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Complaining Will Not Be Tolerated

This has slapped me in the face today, and I have a feeling I’m probably not alone. I’ve been in a funk for some reason today and all I could hear for the past few minutes was the Spirit saying:


When Paul wrote to the Philippians, he dealt with this topic pretty directly, saying, “Do everything without complaining or arguing”(Philippians 2:14). It’s a command, not a suggestion!! 🤔 What’s wrong with complaining?

First of all, complaining is highly contagious. The more we moan and complain, the more others follow our negative attitude. It shouldn’t be a surprise that, while a joyful, positive attitude is also contagious, it seems like negative attitudes transmit faster than positive ones.

Secondly, complaining is a reflection of how we perceive what God is giving us. If we believe that God provides for us and orders the circumstances of our lives, then why spend our time criticizing everything that He sends our way? Who do we think we are? Not very thankful for the blessings we DO have, obviously.

Third, complaining bores people. They don’t want a daily recital of how bad we feel, or how poorly we’ve slept, or how we think we are overworked or neglected. Grumbling and complaining all of the time reduce our credibility to zero. When an issue needs to be confronted, deal with it graciously and tactfully, like Jesus said we should in (Matthew 18:15).

Fourth, complaining is sin in the sight of God. Ouch! Let me say that again just a bit louder….COMPLAINING IS A SIN IN THE SIGHT OF GOD! Remember, Paul says, “Do everything [not just a few things] without murmuring and complaining.”

But how do we kick the habit when it’s such a big part of who we are that we don’t even realize it’s there? Well, discipline ourselves, determining not to grumble and complain. Then, focus on something positive. Attitude is everything. Count our blessings every day! I promise they’re there, but we have to be willing to see them. Then confront issues that need to be addressed. And finally, ask God’s forgiveness for having allowed ourselves to fall into the habit of complaining and depend on Him to break those chains.


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